After your initial reservation, you’ll receive a series of mailings from us providing detailed information about your Grand Canyon adventure. Our Float Notes booklet contains important logistical and general information: basic itinerary, how to get to Flagstaff, clothing and gear lists, packing and storage information, and weather.


Additional mailings include our Canyon Wren Retail Catalog offering river related gear and clothing at wholesale prices. The final mailing (received 5 months prior to your trip date) contains the Flagstaff Lodging Request Form and the Beverage Order Form.


Pre-trip Preparation for all trip types

  • Break in your footwear well in advance.
  • Read CLOTHING and GEAR DETAILS to make necessary purchases. See Float Notes.
  • Pack using the CLOTHING and GEAR CHECK LIST so you don't forget anything. See Float Notes.
  • Make your flight arrangements.
  • We will reserve pre- and post-trip Flagstaff hotel rooms for Full and Upper Canyon participants. Lower Canyon participants make their own hotel reservations at the South Rim for the night before the trip. We will reserve post-trip Flagstaff hotel rooms.

“Float Notes and catalog were very helpful since we had no gear or experience with a trip like this.  Gear checklist was very thorough.” – B.R. May 13, 2012

“Very helpful and thorough, which really helped with our trip preparation.” – C.M. July 21, 2012

“Really helped me get ready and revved up.” – D.B. Aug 9, 2012

"Float Notes were very useful and informative for planning and having the right equipment and clothing." T.B. Aug. 2016