Celebrating 30 years in business!


Canyon Explorations/Expeditions is exclusively an oar and paddle trip company created to provide a unique experience in Grand Canyon. Designed for individuals seeking a participatory river trip style through Grand Canyon National Park, our river trips offer hands-on boating options.


Canyon Explorations offers two trip styles: Hybrid trips and All Paddle trips.


Hybrid trips include five oar rafts, our lightweight 14-foot paddle raft, and two single inflatable kayaks. Each day, it's your choice—ride in an oar raft or experience the high energy of the paddle boat or inflatable kayaks. All Paddle trips focus solely on paddle boating and include three 14-foot paddle rafts, accompanied by four gear rafts.


On either trip style, expect to be part of a small group with a high guide to participant ratio (6 to 18.)


The CanX experience is enhanced by our flexible on-river itinerary and long trip lengths. Combined, these key features create opportunities for extended hiking in the Canyon’s backcountry and exploring less-traveled routes.


Our all-inclusive trip fares and Flagstaff-to-Flagstaff trip schedule leave you with no surprise logistics to coordinate and a hassle-free travel experience.


We are a family business operating solely in the Grand Canyon. For 30 years we have been refining our unique trip experience, combining exploration and adventure with education and environmental awareness.

"Our family could not have had a better experience. The canyon and river were great but it would not have been as memorable without the crew of Canyon Explorations." 2017

"This trip exceeded my expectations in all areas: on the water, hiking, personnel." 2017 

"Thanks again for hiring such great guides and running such a wonderful company - Yeah CanX!" 2016

"Way beyond expectation – quite amazing actually." 2012